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Sixty Dome Mosque

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Sixty Dome Mosque is the most famous place in Bangladesh and an important sign of Muslim Heritage of Bengal. It is one of the three world heritage sites of Bangladesh. So Bagerhat district becomes top three world famous city of Bangladesh. The ancient mosque was honored as Word Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1983.

Location of Sixty Dome Mosque

The sixty-dome mosque, which is locally called Shaṭ Gombuj Moshjid is one of the oldest mosque at the time of  15th century. It is situated at Sundarghana village, which is only 6 – 7 kilometers away from the Bagerhat district head quarter of Bangladesh. It is on the north side of the Khulna-Bagerhat highway, very closed to bus stoppage.

How to visit to Sixty Dome Mosque of Bagerhat Khulna Bangladesh

There are so many ways to visit Sixty dome mosque. The visitors can go through by bus or by train or by air. The cheapest way is to visit Sixty dome mosque is bus rout. But it can save time 2 to 3 hours if visitors visit to Sixty dome mosque by air but it is much more expensive. It is time consuming to visit to Sixty dome mosque by train. But Train journey is comfortable than bus.

Tour to Sixty Dome Mosque by Bus

There are some Bus points in Dhaka, Capital of Bangladesh like Gulistan Bus Stand, Saydabad Bus Stand and Gaptoli Bus Stand. From these bus stands so many buses start regularly for Khulna city and Bagerhat district. Visitors can avail these bus transport services very easily as these buses start in 20 to 30 minutes interval.

Tungipara Express, Falguni Madhumoti, Baleshwar, Hamim and Dola are very much popular bus transport services which start from 5:30 AM to 10:00 PM. from Gulistan and Sydabad Bus terminal. Most of these transport use launch service to cross the the Padma river. So passengers have to change their transport once during the crossing of the Padma river. It takes at most six hours to reach to Khulna city or Bagerhat district from Gulistan.

On the other hand, Sohag, Shakura, Hanif, Green Line and Eagle transport services have trip for Khulna city or Bagerhat district from Gaptoli bus terminal. Most of these service have no hassle to cross river by launch, because buses cross the river through ferry.

Tour to Sixty Dome Mosque by train

There are no direct rail route from Dhaka Kamlapur Rail Station to Bagethat, but have a route to Khulna city. So visitors can first have to go to Khulna city then can reach Bagerhat via another local car or taxi. From Dhaka Kamlapur Rail Station there is are two trains named Sundarban Express and Chittra Express.

Train Journey Schedule Sundarban Express

Sundarban Express starts from Dhaka at 6:20 AM. and reaches to Khulna at 3:40 PM and it starts from Khulna at 8:30 PM and it arrives at Dhaka at 5:40 AM. There is no trip on Tuesday from Khulna and Wednesday from Dhaka.

Train Journey Schedule Chittra Express

Chittra Express starts from Dhaka at 7:00 PM. and reaches to Khulna at 3:50 AM and it starts from Khulna at 8:40 AM and it arrives at Dhaka at 6:40 AM. There is no trip of Chittra Express on Monday.

Tour to Sixty Dome Mosque by Air

There is no direct rout to Bagerhat district or Khulna city from Dhaka. Visitors who travel via air have to reach first to Jashore Airport in Jashore (old Jessore) district. Then they have to hire a car to go to Sixty dome mosque in Bagerhat from Jashore airport.

Entry Fee of Sixty Dome Mosque

The price of enrty fee or ticket is twenty Taka, but for a child less than five years, there is no need for a ticket.But some times the price may change by 10 -20 Tk. For any foreign visitor, the ticket price is two hundred Taka only.

Visiting Hour / Schedule of Sixty Dome Mosque

The Mosque is open from 10 am. to 6 pm. in the summer. In the noon, it is closed from 1 pm to 1.30 pm for half an hour. It is open from 9 am. to 5 pm. in the winter. Even in winter, it is also closed from 1 pm to 1.30 pm. For the Jumma prayers on Friday, it is closed from 12:30 pm. to 3 pm. Sunday is closed for general holiday and on Monday it opens after 2:00 pm.

Short History of Sixty Dome Mosque – A  famous Muslim Heritage

Construction period of Sixty Dome Mosque

It is not found any inscription on the wall of mosque. So there is no exact information about the time of construction of the sixty-dome mosque. However, after observing the archaeological structure of the mosque there is no doubt that Khan E Jahan had built it. He has been built this mosque for many years spending a lot of money. The stones that were used in this mosque were brought from Rajmahal.

Archaeological Description

The length of mosque is about 160 feet towards north to south from outside. The inner side is about 143 feet long. It is 104 feet towards east to west from outside and length of inner side is 88 feet. The width of the wall is 8.5 feet.

There are eleven doors on the eastern wall of the mosque with large-sized arched. The door in middle position is bigger than the others. There are seven doors in the north and south walls. Then there are four minarets in the four corners of the mosque, which are rounded in design and are narrowed upwards. They have string bands with cornices and round dome on top. The height of the monuments is more than the rooftop cornice. There are two spiked stairs with two the front minarets and there are arrangements for giving Azan from there. One of them is named as Raushan Kotha, and the other is named as Aandhar Kotha.

There are 60 pillars inside the mosque. They are located in 6 rows from north to south and there are 10 pillars in each row. Each pillar is cut into stone. Only 5 pillars have been covered with bricks from outside. This dome is made on 60 pillars and surrounding walls.

Naming History of Sixty Dome Mosque or Shat Gambuj Masjid

The name of the mosque is 60 dome, but the dome is not 60, but the number of dome is 77. Upper part of 70 dome are rounded in shape out of 77 dome. The seven dome in the middle row between the middle door of the east wall and the middle of Mehrab of the western wall is like a four partitioned rooftop home in Bangladesh. The number of dome in the tower is 4, so the total number of dome becomes 81. Yet its name is Sixty Dome Mosque.  Historians believe that there are seven stringed dome rows, and seven dome of this mosque has been named then it is named as Shatgumbuj which mean sixty domes. Again, many historians believe that the dome is located on 60 stone pillars, the name is sixty dome.

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