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Songkran at Thailand

Songkran is the traditional new celebration festival of Thailand. It is celebrated from 13 April to 15 April. It is the biggest and most popular water festival in Thailand. There is a big similarity with Bengali new year celebration which is Pohela Boishakh. It is also a new year celebration festival that Bengali people celebrates on 14 April.

Tour to Thailand during Songkran water festival

It is the best idea to enjoy water festival in Thailand, because there are different events in different city of Thailand. The tourists should have a plan to tour to Thailand for having much fun during Songkran.

Different attractive cities of Thailand for water festival

1. Bangkok
2. Chiang Mai
3. Phuket
4. Pattaya
5. Ayutthaya
6. Khon Kaen
7. Koh Samui

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